Downloadable Resource

Fair-Funding-for-All Schools-Campaign

Campaign in your local area

Download this generic campaign leaflet that can be used anywhere. Download here

Download and add details about your own school in this local information leaflet. Download here

Download and add your own details to this flyer for your parents meeting. Download here

This guide provides some tips on how to organise an effective parents action group in your area. Download here


Campaign briefing

This briefing provides more detail about our campaign - it sets out the issues that we face and what we want the government to do in response Download here

Contact Ministers, MPs and Journalists

Use our model letter to write to the Rt Hon Justine Greening MP, Secretary of State for Education. Download here

Use this model letter to your MP - add local examples where you can. You can send this to them at the House of Commons. Download here

Or email at

Use this model letter to the press - try and add some local examples where you can. Download here

Fair Funding for all Schools